End Of Term

As the term ends and I reflect on what I have done, I can finally take a breath and enjoy the works I have done thus far.

Re entry Radio Stories was a success. My Antioch College family was there first hand to hear the series premiere air live with me. After two years, I am finally starting to feel like I may belong here.

The Prison Justice Library is my life. I am apply for a grant that an Alum named Matthew Morgan is offering. Without the Prison Justice Initiative, I would not be where I am or who I am today.

I plan to ask for funds so that The PJIG can offer a co-op that I would head, and the intern would be paid to start a social media platform for the Prison Justice Library, build a WordPress website that could be linked to the Antioch College website, and coordinate Service Learning Projects with Sinclair Community College. Essentially the intern would be paid to Digitally Archive a website for The Prison Justice Library. The rest of the funds would be regenerated back to Antioch College. You ask how?

I want to use funds to pay for 5 women that are incarcerated, to be able to obtain college credits from Antioch College. Funds would pay the instructor as well. I hope to re-create the African American Institute at Antioch College in lieu of the Prison Justice Initiative.

These are my goals for the remainder of my time at Antioch College.

I hope to make these a reality.

I learned that I am not only a strong black woman, but that I am an activist, an advocate, a hard worker. But more importantly I have learned that I really do matter.

Thanks to everyone that has been there and watch out for more to come.

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