NPR Dreams

Sunsets early when you are incarcerated. No matter what the real time is, on the inside Penal Administration control the time.

Often times when we were made to stay in our cells, I would listen to WYSO 91.3 FM. I would jam out in the afternoons to Nikka Dakota’s, Excursions, and on Friday nights I knew Basim Blunt’s, Behind the Groove, would give me a sense of home. Like when my family would come together on Thanksgiving and always have a Soul Train Line. The music on Basim’s show brought back so many of those memories.

As you may or may not not know, I was awarded a full-ride scholarship to Antioch College, in Yellow Springs, OH. I ended up with a job at the very radio station that brought me an escape while I was incarcerated. I never imagined I would be where I am in my radio career or given the opportunities I have been given.

I have been blessed with my own radio show, Re-entry Radio Stories. In a collaboration with my Alma Mater, Sinclair Community College and WYSO sponsored this opportunity for me.

I will be speaking at Sinclair Community College at the Re-imagining Incarceration Symposium. Chef Jeff Henderson, the author of, Cooked: My Journey From the Streets To The Stove, is a keynote speaker at this event too.

I am definitely preparing myself for an Internship at NPR Chicago.

All my daydreams are becoming a reality.

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